Make Your Caricature Dreams a Success

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Make Your Caricature Dreams a Success

Possessing a talent for making illustrations combines with the ability to create them quickly makes for a fruitful career. People who have those qualities can turn those abilities into a part-time job or even a full-time career.

Caricaturists can sell their works, whether they are personalized caricatures or original ones at certain events like parties and trade shows, company events and community fairs. You can also offer your works for private clients working in various industries.

Creating caricatures for a living or as a side income lets you discover the amount of time you want to work even though it means you may have to set aside free time during weekends or even work during the evenings.

Here are some tips on how to grow your talents and make money out of them.

Master your craft

It is always a good thing to have specialized knowledge in art. You can register for courses in painting or illustrating to gain the know-how. There are also caricature courses available and they can help you hone your skills in that particular art form.

The Internet is also a great place to acquire tutorials; in fact, there are artists who share their techniques online complete with step by step instructions. You can find plenty of tutorials on sites like YouTube and Deviantart.

Visit your location’s small business development office to find out whether you are obligated to acquire a license in order to sell your works

This is an important detail to remember since some states obligate citizens to register their business with the resident tax authority and provide reports on income and pay taxes in terms of your income. Get the required permits and fill out the required forms prior to setting up your business with potential clients.

Put together a website to show your portfolio

Nowadays the majority of artists put their art online so clients can fully see the extent of their produced output. Several sites ask for a small fee so artists can put up their own galleries while there are also sites that provide free accounts, however they can be limited in terms of features.

Make sure that you put some information about your services and the kind of occasions where you are willing to offer your works. You should also provide contact information so potential clients can set up meetings with you. Lastly, put your list of rates.

Print business cards and fliers for your business

Hand out your business cards and fliers at retail stores, bookstores, coffee shops or any other suitable place so you will get the attention of potential customers or clients. On those business cards/fliers, make sure that you place your contact information so people can commission you to create caricatures at their gatherings.

You can also try handing out fliers at real estate agencies, insurance agencies, corporate headquarters and restaurants. Those places can help you meet private clients. They can contact you to make material for them in the form of marketing materials, commercial newsletters and the like.

Do not be afraid to ask for referrals

Now is the time to be more sociable and confident; there is nothing wrong with asking for referrals when you offer your works at live gatherings on site or for private customers.

Those referrals will keep your work going and keep you busy. If you want to work as a caricaturist full-time, asking for referrals will make working full-time a reality. Advertise your caricature skills on the Internet and on business listings in your area

You can secure commissions and participate in gatherings to create works onsite. You can also provide discounts to clients who are willing to purchase more than one artwork and commission to potential clients who will provide you work.

Join caricature groups

It is also recommended that you consider joining a group like the International Society of Caricature Artists. Even though the group is a professional organization for artists who are currently employed as caricaturists, the group also offers student and associate memberships for individuals who are just beginning their career.

The membership on groups like these will provide you the chance to make contact with other caricature artists on its forums and it will also give you opportunities to attend its annual convention. You will also be provided with the group’s periodical, the Exaggerated Features.

Provide release forms for clients

There are clients who might be disinclined to incorporate your work into their own resources without a release coming from you. Provide and sign clients with release forms if they want to reproduce your artworks or employ them in their marketing campaign.

Do you want to master your caricature skills? Well it helps to visit sites like The site will provide you with more info and methods so you will be equipped with the know-how required to be a great caricaturist.

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