Hire a Caricaturist for Your Wedding

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Hire a Caricaturist for Your Wedding

If you want to add some fun and excitement to your wedding, you can hire a caricaturist. The guests will love being an artist’s subject and it will also create camaraderie among guests and the artist during the event.

Keep your guests satisfied and entertained throughout the party with the added presence of a caricaturist. It will make your wedding a unique spectacle as well.

Hiring a caricaturist is not complicated; the steps to do are actually pretty simple. You check out a certain caricaturist’s portfolio online, contact him or her, set up an appointment, make arrangements, provide the artist with all the things they need at the party like food and water, pay them for their services and that’s that.

Here are some reasons why hiring a caricaturist for your wedding is a good idea.

Caricaturists break the ice

The bride and the groom on their wedding are trying to pull off the whole thing in terms of organization. Planning weddings is no joke since there are so many details that every couple should take care of.

Because of the number of details that the bride and groom have to deal with, they will not have much time for mingling with their guests. Remember that some of the guests may not be familiar with each other thus a hired caricaturist might be good for breaking the ice and kicking off the party.

Caricatures are meant to be either amusing or complimentary and they serve as a means for guests to enjoy the portraits and have a good laugh over it. It gives everyone something to focus on and begin talking with other guests.

Remember that caricaturists perform well when hired for the beginning of the night’s party or during the drinks reception.

The output that caricaturists offer is often personalized

The majority of entertainment options that weddings have tend to be pretty cooperative experiences; the experience is over once the hired band or singer ends their performances.

One great benefit of having a caricaturist on board is the fact that guests can watch the artist work on his or her subject on site and by the end of the event, they get to take home with them an awesome piece of art.

Your guests can have those caricatures framed and displayed in their homes or offices and because of this they will always remember the fun they had at your wedding.

You can provide the artist with a special paper embossed with the names, dates or a small message on it. Before you go ahead and have those papers produced though, you have to first discuss it with the artist so you will be provided with their preferences.

Having a caricaturist on your wedding will not require plenty of effort

Once the caricaturist shows up to the event, he or she will determine a good location to begin their work. Getting ready takes minimal effort and the artist can usually take care of themselves. They will not need much space, which is great if you have rented a smaller venue for the wedding.

Caricaturists are also versatile and willing to adapt. The guests can be drawn separately, as a group or a couple. They can also draw children and offer a variety of styles.

Guarantee that there will be sufficient light for a caricaturist to work with since it will create better results.

Other Tips

  • Make sure that you have informed guests that a caricaturist will be at the event
  • Have your sketch done first before the others. That way, the guests will know what to expect. However if you do not have the time, you can have your portrait done from photographs afterwards.
  • Make sure that the area where the artist will work is a substantial distance away from any loudspeaker or event DJ.
  • The majority of venues are happy to accommodate the requirements of a hired entertainer. Let the booked artist get in touch with the venue so you won’t have to worry about anything else.
  • Be sure to make bookings in advance. Getting in touch with an artist at the earliest time possible will guarantee that you will hire one whose style of art complements the event or group.

For those who want a career in caricature drawing, it pays to know the particulars and develop expertise in order to acquire gainful employment. If you want to become a successful caricaturist, you will get some pointers from sites like Learn-to-Draw.org. The site includes steps on getting around the business and becoming an effective caricaturist.

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Sarah Smith January 20, 2017

I want to get a caricaturist for my wedding. I like the advice you give about how you should place the artist a distance away from any loudspeaker or DJ so that they don’t get startled. Something else to do is to get a caricaturist that has a great reputation and that you get along with.

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