Here’s How to Hire a Caricaturist for Live Events

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Here’s How to Hire a Caricaturist for Live Events

Hiring a caricaturist for parties often adds more fun and excitement. They are ideal ice-breakers for gatherings. Caricaturists are especially skilled in their craft, perfectly capable of creating portraits in as little as 5 minutes. They typically make use of pencils or felt pens and letter or poster size paper.

Expert caricaturists can capture the likeness of an individual who sits before them in a distinctive exaggerated style that can either be funny or complimentary. Caricaturists can create portraits in black and white within 5 minutes or less. Of course, the details rely on the amount of time an artist usually spends on so more time will allow artists to produce works with greater detail.

Here are some pointers you have to know if you want to hire a caricaturist for an upcoming event.

What to Look For

Every caricaturist has a portfolio of sorts. The Internet has become an accessible place for artists to showcase their work, whether it’s on platforms like Carbonmade or Instagram, plenty of artists are now uploading their works online.

Check the artist’s work; it will provide you an idea of their style and the extent to which they exaggerate their subjects’ features. If the drawings are grotesque and bizarre, they might not be suitable for weddings or children’s parties, but could be appropriate for stag parties or bridal showers.

A good caricaturist is not only adept with his or her skills or blessed with a quick hand. They should also be great entertainers and capable of making people comfortable while they are being sketched. Also check out the artist’s credentials to see whether or not he or she has worked in areas outside events and street fairs; they could be editorials, magazine work, film or animation.

The Formats They Provide

Caricature artists often provide two formats. Guests can be drawn while seated or the artist can draw while socializing with guests. The latter option will let the artist create artworks while standing or walking around.

The seated format though is more recommended since it is more relaxing for both parties. It also creates the opportunity for other guests to watch the entire spectacle.

The Materials They Need

Caricaturists carry their own drawing materials and in the event location, they only need a good light source and two chairs. You can also provide the artist with the company’s special headed paper (in case the event is a corporate one) so those great portraits are identified with the name of the company.

Take the time to discuss this with the artist so you can accommodate his or her preferences.

The Usual Booking Length

Caricaturists typically provide a 3-hour performance for live events, whether they are weddings, corporate gatherings or trade shows. This is the total time that they will offer their work. Artists also need a rest every hour in order to rest and keep going.

The Options They Provide

The majority of caricaturists who draw fast usually produce monochrome or single color illustrations. Colorful ones though are available for commissions. A number of artists also rely on pre-illustrated bodies onto which they add the head of the subject for faster output.

If you want more drawings done, consider hiring two caricaturists if you are planning a big party with lots of guests.

The Cost

In order to hire a caricaturist, you will require a budget that runs to at least $400-$600 for 2 hours. Do keep in mind that several artists work for a minimum of 2 hours, while some have fixed 1-hour rates with a 2-hour minimum.

Other Suggestions

Always make sure to provide a proper meal for the artist while at work. Provide him or her with free sodas or bottled water from the bar.

For food, you can provide the artist with sustenance in an undisturbed location. Do not offer them food while they are hard at work since they are not capable of balancing a spoon and pen all at the same time.

Drinks should be offered as well since the caricaturist will be talking a break from drawing the guests as talking and entertaining the subject for 2-3 hours can be draining.

For more ideas about caricature gigs, you can go to the site Beginner caricaturists will receive the suggestions and methods that they need in order to perform well in their chosen profession.

The site also provides tips on how to start out as a professional caricaturist with some insider pointers, which are helpful for individuals who want to make drawing caricatures a side job full-time profession.

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Marie Watson February 23, 2017

Thanks for sharing some tips on hiring a caricaturist for an event. You make a great point about how you should take a look at their work so you can be sure it is what you are looking for. I am planning a big family reunion for this summer, and I think it would be fun to have a caricaturist there. Hopefully, I can find a good artist to come join us.

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