Become a Successful Caricaturist with These Important Suggestions

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Become a Successful Caricaturist with These Important Suggestions

A caricature is a kind of cartoon-like illustration. Plenty of caricature subjects are people but pets, other sorts of animals, places and objects can also be transformed into caricatures.

Caricatures typically appear warped when compared with standard illustrations or sketches. The subject’s most distinguishable features or main imperfections are drastically overstated, however the subject stays recognizable throughout. For example, a subject with pouty lips can be drawn with extremely huge lips.

Caricatures are often there to provide humor and entertainment. They can often be seen in newspaper editorials and comic strips. People can have their caricatures taken by an expert artist either on the street, a gathering, a corporate event or a trade fair.

A caricature artist often looks at his or her subject and finds out which of the subject’s features stands out. The strong features will be employed as the focal point of the entire artwork.

As soon as the artist has made an idea in his head, he will then try to put those ideas through pen and paper. Caricatures make use of pencils, pens and erasers in their work but some also go for color by way of acrylics.

In plenty of instances, caricaturists will provide a number of ideas in the form of fast sketches prior to completing his output. If the medium he used is pencil, it will be sprayed with a coat of fixative to make it last longer.

A lot of caricaturists also scan their illustrations and artworks in digital form so they can be accessed easily and offered to clients. There are also artists who rely on graphics software to create their works.

Many caricaturists work as freelancers. Some of them work as street artists, producing their art onsite while others do the professional route by working in the editorial departments of newspapers and magazines. There are also a number of caricaturists who work in booths in amusement parks while other artists travel a lot to attend live events and gatherings as caricaturists for hire.

As it is with plenty of other careers related to art, it can be complicated tracking and predicting how much a caricature artist earns. Some artists for example may not make any money for their works while other artists may be able to earn a fairly sizable income.

The Bureau of Labor has stated that the income for illustrators reached up to $53,000 in 2010 and beginner cartoonists were able to make an average income of $30,000 in the similar year.

If you have a talent for drawing, you may want to take into account employing your capabilities to produce income from clients that need artistic material. Your skills might lead you to individuals who are looking for a particular kind of artwork. Here are some tips that you can follow in order to be successful in your chosen field:

Hone your abilities

Acquire an understanding of the details involved in creating a good caricature illustration. You can enroll yourself in some specialty courses or peruse books that focus on that particular art form.

Practice and good discipline will help you master the form faster. You can also watch videos online for techniques and read tutorials and tips on sites like

Make sure that you have the right equipment

Put together a comfortable location with all the right tools needed for drawing. Make sure that pencils, erasers, papers and pens are on hand at all times.

Think about using special graphics software

Several caricature artists make use of certain computer graphics software to create caricature works. The good thing about making artworks in digital form is the fact that you will not run out of art materials; those materials are programmed right there, ready for use. It will also make setting up a portfolio and uploading your works online easier.

Now, create your own portfolio

Get going on a series of artworks that will be shown on your online gallery. This will serve as a portfolio that will display your capabilities to potential clients. Make a variety of characters and facial expressions. Variety in artworks will show clients that you are very keen in terms of versatility and you can adapt fast.

Create a homepage or website

The whole online deal is a crucial part of being a caricature artist, or an artist in general. If you want to sell your artworks, a website is key for online promotion. It will serve as your portfolio of sorts and will also serve as a faster method for potential customers to contact you. For payments, you can make use of services like PayPal.

Make an effort to develop your business

Advertise your works. One way to begin this is through word of mouth. Create business cards and fliers and hand them out in bookstores, coffee shops or record stores. Hand them out to friends and family, local business proprietors and the like. You can also try contacting local dailies and magazines to see if they need a freelance caricature artist.

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